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Modularity is the practical principle of the structure. The basic unit is discreet, taking up little space, and appears as a screen of plants.

Thanks to the node "Euclyd" created and patented during development, it has the protentional to be repeated in all three dimensions to infinity. Its clean and simple design makes it practical and easy to install.

Finally, the structure’s construction meets the criteria of a local product, both in the choice of materials and in that of the partnering companies. The wood comes from forests in Switzerland.


The hanging gardens are made from basic modules with variable dimensions. Since open areas in the urban fabric are rare, vertical repetition becomes a solution.

These practical and functional units work anywhere: in your living room, on your balcony or in the city.

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There are two garden types: The first, on the left, has a structure supporting a growing box for vegetable cultivation. The second, on the right, includes the addition of polycarbonate sheets that create an even more favorable growing climate. Indeed, the choice of the garden type depends on your location. The structure is designed to be both functional and decorative.


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Below are images of the “Euclyd” structural node that was created and patented during development. The structure can be repeated to infinity in all three directions. Its clean and simple design makes it practical and easily to use. It’s made from two poles that join together, one inside the other. The assembly is easy and accessible for everyone.



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