"I grew up in the country as a child, I went to get fresh food products in the vegetable garden, I ate them for a good part of the year. When I arrived in Lausanne to study architecture, I didn’t have a balcony. I missed the taste of fresh radishes and when my flatmates wanted parsley for salad it cost a small fortune for three leaves, and forget about organic herbs for which one had to double the price. As students, it adds up pretty quickly of course, especially when we like to enjoy good food.

As one thing leads to another, and with the help of my friends, I developed this project. The urban gardens came along slowly, bit by bit, with the hope that everyone can enjoy a green space at the window or balcony and be able to grow healthy food too. My friends who supported me today are my team”.


In the hope that this project will succeed, I would like to thank above all my friends who supported me in the development and realization of this project, for which we need your help so that others can enjoy it too.


Charles Jenny

26 years old, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Architecture at EPFL in 2015, where I am currently continuing my studies. I've always been passionate about industrial design and design in general, so I turned my passion into a professional activity, which I practice while I study. 

www.charlesjenny.ch reflects what I am doing in the context of my university studies and my additional activity.

I had the chance to work and learn a lot in the Brodard&Billiaert architecture company and I grew my imagination with an experience in Copenhagen, in the heart of the Scandinavian design. I develop space by respecting the dynamics of the environment and its interaction with news forms and geometry

This project of the hanging gardens is my last realization. 

If it could work, the idea would to create conditions to integrate the industrialization of the product to help people in different possibilities of social programs.


Collarborations, help and support

Timmy Cuellar
Responsable graphisme

Olivia Schenker

Jean Larivée
Architecte étudiant

Paul de Belay

Reversible film
Vidéo makers

Robin Moret


Timothée Barghouth
Business Development

Sylvain Monod